Welcome to Ultra Instinct PEPE ($UIPEPE), a community-driven meme coin on the Solana blockchain, inspired by the legendary Pepe and the transcendent power of Dragon Ball's Ultra Instinct. As a tribute to these iconic symbols of perseverance and transformation, $UIPEPE is not just a token—it's a movement. With the spirit of collaboration and innovation at our core, we're on a mission to elevate Solana-based meme coins to unparalleled heights. Join us in this thrilling journey to make Solana meme coins legendary!


Beyond Limits: Pepe's Ultra Instinct Legacy

UIPEPE symbolizes the ultimate fusion of meme culture and anime heritage. In the universe of Dragon Ball Z, Ultra Instinct represents a state beyond the limits of mortals and gods alike. Pepe, as the greatest meme of our times, achieves a form that transcends the digital realm's boundaries, embodying the spirit of surpassing limits.

Our token isn't just a homage; it's a vessel for carrying forward Akira Toriyama's legacy in a form that resonates with today's digital generation.

Utility of $UIPEPE

Beyond the meme, $UIPEPE holds a utility that sets it apart. Our vision culminates in the creation of Crypto Escrow, the first global platform facilitating safe, crypto-based transactions. From selling a phone to buying a house, $UIPEPE will be at the center of secure exchanges, protecting both buyer and seller.

This utility not only provides real-world application but also ensures that $UIPEPE becomes an integral part of the digital economy.


Join $UIPEPE's and tap into the fusion of iconic memes with Dragon Ball Z. This isn't just a coin; it's an opportunity for early investors to achieve impressive ROI as Pepe powers up. By getting in early, you're positioning yourself for potential gains as we push the boundaries of meme coins on the Solana blockchain. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of Pepe's profitable journey to Ultra Instinct. Invest early, aim for the stars, and watch your investment soar!


Stage 1

🏗️ Build

  • UIPEPE Concept
  • Market research
  • Development of the website
  • Development of the contract
Stage 2

🌸 Warm Up

  • Create socials
  • Pre-launch marketing campaign
  • Contract Audit
Stage 3

🚀 Launch

  • Listing on Raydium
  • Renounce ownership of contract
  • Dextools & Dexview updates
  • Post-launch marketing
  • CMC & CG Listings
Stage 4

📈 Growth

  • Coinzilla & A-ads Marketing
  • Influencers On-Boarding
  • Dextools Trending
  • Buy & Shill Competitions
  • Tier-2 CEX Listings
  • Twitter Expansion
  • MEXC & Bitget Listings
  • Global partnerships
Stage 5

🌙 Escrow Service

  • MEXC & Bitget Listings
  • Huobi & Gate Listings
  • Bybit & Binance Listings
  • Develop and test escrow platform
  • Launch UIPEPE escrow service
  • Secure UIPEPE’s utility and future



TOTAL SUPPLY: 10,000,000 $UIPEPE (100%)

99 %

DEX Listing Liquidity 💧

1 %

Community and Airdrops 🎁

🌟 Key Highlights:

  • Audited Contract for Maximum Security 🔒
  • Team KYC for Maximum trust ✅
  • Contract Renounced reinforcing our commitment to a decentralized future 🐸
  • 0% Team Tokens - 100% Community Focused 💬
  • Liquidity Locked for 1 Year to Ensure Stability 💧
  • Transparent Development with Regular Community Updates 📈
  • Active Community Engagement through Social Media Platforms 🌐
  • 0% Fees and Fast Transactions on the Network ⚡
  • Partnerships with Leading Blockchain Projects 🤝
  • Exciting Roadmap with Future Developments and Features 🚀